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An organisation cannot do without committed and expert people. A solid structure is also essential to have everything run smoothly. That is why, from the point of view of good and sound administration, Investeringsfonds Groningen has set up its governance as follows:

Fund management

Jan Martin Timmer

Fund Manager LinkedIn

Fund manager Jan Martin Timmer (business administration) has been responsible for marketing IFG since mid-2015. After a career at ABN AMRO he co-established Flinc for the NV NOM from 2008 onward. As one of the investment managers he was actively involved in acquiring participating interests for NOM Finance from 2011 to 2015. Jan Martin was born and raised in the province of Groningen. After gaining international experience and a period spent in the western part of the Netherlands, he has returned home to the Northern Netherlands.

Tanya Hessing

Secretary LinkedIn

Secretary Tanya Hessing works at the Investeringsfonds Groningen secretariat. In this role, she supports fund manager Jan Martin Timmer and management. Tanya is the office point of contact for IFG.


The board consists of the NV NOM, represented by Mr R. Drees.

Rob Drees

Rob graduated as an accountant and controller. With more than 11 years’ experience in venture financing, he has been working at NV NOM in Groningen since 2012. His key focus areas are financial due diligence, management assessments, internal organisation and valuations. Rob is Fund Manager for NOM’s Fonds Support Noord. He conducts the affairs of four investment funds in the Northern Netherlands, including Investeringsfonds Groningen. He is also member of the Supervisory Board of a consultancy organisation active in environmental affairs, quality assurance and safety.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board monitors the board and the implementation of Investeringsfonds Groningen. The Supervisory Board consists of three supervisory directors who represent the desired competencies.

Prof. J.W.M. Engels, LL.M.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board LinkedIn

Mr Engels has been acting Mayor of the municipality of Loppersum since 1 October 2018. He is also a member and vice-chairman of a parliamentary party in the Dutch Senate and chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for the Interior and Kingdom Relations, House of the King, General Affairs and High Councils of State. Until 1 January 2019, he was also professor by special appointment of Law of Local and Regional Governments (Oppenheimer Chair) at the University of Groningen.

His other ancillary functions include:

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Port of Harlingen

Drs. H.A. Snapper RA RC

Supervisory Director LinkedIn

Mr H.A. Snapper RA RC is on the Board of Directors of the University Medical Center Amsterdam. He also holds a number of ancillary positions, such as supervisor and member of investment committees at organisations active in impact investments. In these positions he has gained experience in financing issues, business development, ecosystems and investments in start-ups and funds.


Drs. A. Hartwijk

Supervisory Director LinkedIn

Mrs Drs. A. Hartwijk has been working as Chief Development Officer at Corre Energy since May 2021, a scale-up in the development of energy storage. Before that, she worked at Shell in various management positions at home and abroad.

From these positions and her technical background, she has experience with business development, partnerships, sustainability, energy transition and business investments.

Investment Committee

The investment committee’s main task is to advise fund management and the board about intended participating interests in the target funds. This committee also advises on intended direct participating interests from the Acquisitiefonds Groningen.

R.B. Reekers, M.A.

Chairman of the Investment Committee LinkedIn

Mr R.B. Reekers, M.A. focuses on advising companies and on the people who form the company. He works for his own company Connector Finance u.a. and specialises in financing issues and ‘special management’ situations. Until 2011 he worked for approx. 15 years at Rabobank Group (Corporate Clients Food&Agri, Bijzonder Beheer and Director for Business and Private Banking in Groningen). He also serves as supervisory official, is a licensed coach, mediates conflicts and is guest lecturer of financing at Hanzehogeschool Groningen.

R.H.E. Pruim, LL.M.

Member of the Investment Committee LinkedIn

Ms R.H.E. Pruim, LL.M. is director and lawyer at Yspeert Advocaten. Her professional views of organisations, combined with her legal knowledge, make her a sparring partner for directors of corporations and institutes. She specialises in company law and procurement law. She is also supervisory official at Zorggroep Groningen.

Drs. J. Brink

Member of the Investment Committee LinkedIn

After his partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mr Brink (1960) was ultimately responsible as director/manager for the set-up, organization and expansion of the development company in Flevoland (until 2013). Mr. Brink currently focuses as owner of Almare Consultancy B.V. in particular in supervisory positions and supervisory directorships such as at the Maan Group, Veldkamp (until 2021) and Gebuwin. In addition, he is a consultant and teaches part-time Management & Organization and Finance at the Hogeschool Utrecht, Institute for Finance & Accounting and teaches (prospective) supervisors.