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Funds and companies

Borski Fund: We believe in diversity, gender equality and fair chances. We believe there should be more female entrepreneurs. We believe that improving access to financing for female entrepreneurs is plays a crucial role in realising these goal and at the same time allows us to take advantage of wonderful business opportunities.

NextGen Ventures 2 invests in knowledge-intensive data-driven companies that are changing healthcare – preferably potential breakthrough innovations that have passed the conceptual stage and are working on a market position.

Berk Partners Groeifonds invests in existing, fast-growing Dutch SME companies, mainly in the following industries: innovative manufacturing industry, food processing industry and suppliers to the healthcare industry.

Investment fund Pharma Connect Capital (PCC) invests in very early-stage medicine development, drug delivery and biomarkers from the High Throughput Screening phase up to Phase 1 (sometimes Phase 2) and other projects.

The fund is always looking for emerging companies and start-ups with a well thought-out IT proposition who wish to locate or are located in the province of Groningen and who need (pre) seed capital.

Carduso Capital participates in technology companies that are preferably based on the know-how represented in and originating from the Groningen science cluster in and around the University of Groningen (RUG) and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).

The Acquisitiefonds Groningen (Groningen Acquisition Fund, AFG) invests in companies that intend to move to and do business in the province of Groningen for the long term. The fund joins lead investors to this end. The AFG invests in companies that immediately generate a considerable number of jobs.

Searching for an company?

Groningen-based Griphingo Pharmaceuticals conducts applied research into the development of an innovative inhalation therapy for COPD patients. For the development of this therapy, the start-up works with a network of COPD and medicine development experts from the Northern region.

Current COPD treatment is not effective enough to suppress the inflammatory reactions in the lungs of COPD patients and also has many side effects. Griphingo hopes to curb these inflammatory reactions with a new molecule, which has an alternative target compared to existing medication, in order to significantly improve the quality of life of COPD patients. In the coming period, Griphingo will focus on optimising the molecules in collaboration with Symeres and testing efficacy in collaboration with Aquilo.

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