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About us


NOM encourages development
NOM is short for Investerings- en Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij voor Noord-Nederland (Investment and Development Company for the Northern Netherlands). The NOM is an independent private limited company that boosts the economy in the northern part of the Netherlands by financing and acquiring companies and by driving projects. The NOM has been doing so successfully since 1974. It encourages business and the development of employment in the northern part of the Netherlands. The NOM focuses on innovative companies with a trans-regional appeal.

NOM Fondssupport Noord is responsible for fund management
One of the NOM’s core tasks is to manage third-party funds. NOM Fondssupport Noord provides experienced fund and investment managers and professional support at legal-administrative and financial-economic levels. As the NOM has these competencies in place, the province of Groningen has decided to outsource fund management of the Investeringsfonds Groningen to NOM Fondssupport Noord.