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Groningen Proton Therapy Centre

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The University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) is the initiator and driver of the introduction of proton therapy in the Netherlands.

There is no place in the Netherlands with as much knowledge of and expertise in proton therapy and damage to healthy tissue as Groningen. This is important, as the prevention of normal tissue damage and serious complications from radiotherapy will be the main indication for protons.

The KVI Center for Advanced Radiation Technology in Groningen, partner of the UMCG, is the only centre in the Netherlands with a proton and ion bundle that has been used for over a decade for scientific and experimental research into the use of protons and ions to check tumours and limit damage to normal tissue.

The UMCG’s proton facility is hospital-based: the facility sits on the UMCG premises and is an integral part of the UMC Groningen Comprehensive Cancer Centre, which applies, studies, teaches and develops all methods for the treatment of cancer.

For more information, please view the two video’s below or see the PTCG website.

 Bouw Protonentherapiecentrum


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