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About us

About Investeringsfonds Groningen

Together we promote growth in Groningen
The province of Groningen is dynamic, innovative and enterprising – three properties to be proud of! Many companies in Groningen – be they young or a little more mature, new, innovative or rapidly growing – need venture capital, financing or cooperation. The province of Groningen seeks to make a key contribution to this by actively engaging the market know-how and experience of professionals in setting up investment funds. The goal is not just to provide capital by means of target funds, but also to create a positive impact on the surrounding area and the economic climate in the region by doing so.

IFG aims at financial and social return
The objective of Investeringsfonds Groningen (IFG) is to invest in investment funds that invest all or part of their capital in SME companies in the province of Groningen. Based on this Fund-in-Fund principle, two types of return are sought: financial return and social return.

  • Financial return is important to promote opportunities for collaboration with market parties, such as professional fund managers. IFG seeks to realise that return and further strengthen the region. The return achieved is re-invested in funds.
  • Social return entails strengthening of the economic structure in the province of Groningen in line with the market and creating direct and indirect employment. The involvement of market parties is essential to realise this objective as well.

Province of Groningen and NOM
The province of Groningen is 100% shareholder in IFG and has outsourced fund management to the Investment and Development Company for the Northern Netherlands (NOM). With over 40 years of experience in providing venture capital and managing investment funds, the NOM has a clear objective as professional fund manager: investing in the region and realising continuity based on financial return.

Fund information:

  • IFG’s fund totals €60 million
  • The fund will run until 2035
  • The funds in which IFG invests are closed-end funds
  • IFG pays up to 49.9% of its share capital to the target fund and invests up to €7.5 million per target fund
  • IFG aspires a capital multiplier of at least 2 (committed capital of IFG is matched twice)

IFG is looking for partners
Investeringsfonds Groningen is looking for partners. These may be partners in Venture Capital (management), Private Equity, Family Offices or jointly working Informal Investors. The funds to be set up must be implemented by a professional party. Relevant experience has priority for IFG. The funds are set up in a professional manner, with the governance structure and an effective AO/IC organisation being key.