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Investeringsfonds Groningen (IFG) is intended for professional investors. We are looking for experienced investors who see opportunities in the northern part of the Netherlands and have experience setting up and managing investment funds. The IFG wants to join forces; we are convinced that your knowledge of the market combined with our solid experience in establishing and managing investment funds will yield a financial return.

Focus and fund profiles

IFG has no fundamental sector or life stage focus. On this page you can read what IFG's focus is.

Collaboration with IFG

Investeringsfonds Groningen greatly values cooperation. Here you can read what it means to work together with IFG.

Track record

View our track record. This overview will be updated with new figures to give you a clear idea of the results achieved.

Annual reports

Are you curious about the results of Investeringsfonds Groningen? Here you can find an overview of our annual reports from recent years.

How can we help you?

Fund management

IFG is implemented by the NOM Fonds Support Noord (FSN). The NOM's experience with managing investment funds and realising participating interests dates back to 1973. This concerns both front office and back office services.

More information about Fonds Support Noord
Would you like to invest in a fund or set up a fund?

Some of our portfolio funds continue to attract additional capital during the initial period following establishment. If successful, the first fund may be followed by a fund II. In addition, IFG is always on the look-out for new fund initiatives.

Contact Jan Martin Timmer
Are you interested in one of the portfolio companies?

Managing an investment fund is not only about investing and direct returns. Establishing contacts also has added value. Are you interested in getting to know each other professionally?

Contact one of the fund managers
Worldwide network

IFG works with professional fund managers with a great deal of national and international experience and has a network that reflects this. Are you looking for useful contacts? The specialists at NOM Foreign Direct Investment will be pleased to help you.

Contact NOM FDI

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