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Collaboration with IFG

Investeringsfonds Groningen attaches a lot of value to cooperation. To us, this means the following:

  • Define and design the fund structure or fund focus together, based on our joint expertise.
  • Or join on the basis of a professional proposition (based on a prospectus) that is already available.
  • Fund management can use IFG’s network, such as contacts at the NOM, NFIA or investors.
  • Where appropriate and in mutual consultation, IFG could take up a position in the governance structure, e.g. in a Supervisory Board or Advisory Board, so that IFG can make a valuable contribution to the target fund’s performance.
  • A proactive role in deal sourcing, identifying and seizing opportunities, sharing existing knowledge, etc.
  • Trusting the appointed fund management and, as such, playing a role “from a suitable distance” so that management can carry out their work as they should.
  • Everything necessary to achieve the joint objective.

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