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Focus and fund profiles

IFG has no fundamental sector or life stage focus. What does IFG focus on?

  • Participation in investment funds with a scope of at least €7.5 million.
  • IFG invests up to 49.9% of the capital in the target fund.
  • IFG’s maximum ticket amounts to €7.5 million, depending on the actual portfolio distribution, return possibilities and opportunities for the province of Groningen.
  • A capital multiplier for each investments of preferably more than 3 ((€1 IFG combined with €2 other capital).
  • Investment funds that accept the agreement that the capital contributed by IFG is invested in SMEs in the province of Groningen.
  • Investment funds with a focus on innovative companies.
  • Cooperation with, among others, professional fund managers, professional investors, Family Offices, Private Equity firms and (groups of) informal investors.

See, for example, the overview of funds realised. Each fund realisation is customisation. Would you like more information or are you planning to set up your own investment fund in a professional manner? Then contact Jan Martin Timmer.

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