G-Force Capital is an early stage investment fund for early stage startups in the digital domain

G-Force provides small investment tickets, hands-on experience and a valuable network of experts, market parties and investors. A full package to bring your startup to the next level.


G-Force is a pre seed fund and we invest in early stage startups (usually tickets between 75k and 250k). For us an early stage startup is more than an idea. You need to have a working prototype and evidence of a product-market fit. It is not necessary to have revenue, but you do need commitments from experts, partners and/or customers. Before we analyse your proposition we check the following basic criteria:

The startup has an address in the province of Groningen

The startup has developed a digital product / technology

The startup has international market potential

The startup has founders with a commercial and technical background

Niek Huizinga (G-Forec Capital)

What can G-Force do for you?

We understand how exciting it is to have an early stage startup. G-Force Capital is managed by experienced entrepreneurs in the digital sector. Niek Huizenga is the fund manager and the first point of contact. The investment committee consists of Hilbrand Kikkers (Datprof/dataExcellence), Jaap van Barneveld (Asysco/Newion) and Alex van Ginneken (Noordelijke Online Ondernemers/serial entrepreneur). With G-Force you will receive access to a valuable network of experts, market parties and investors.

G-Force’s investment process of  is fast, clear and founder friendly. Our criteria are strict and we only invest in great propositions and teams. But when there is a match we can close a deal within 4 weeks.


G-Force is part of the startup ecosystem of Groningen. We cooperate intensively with the following partners:

Founded in Groningen, NOM, IFG, Techleap


Founded in Groningen
NOM Logo

Also check our partners that can help with investor readiness:
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For questions about G-Force Capital please contact Niek Huizenga at niek@g-force.nl.

Are you a startup looking for funding? We are always looking for ambitious founders with great ideas. However, we receive many requests and we can not always give feedback. So please try again or organize a warm introduction via our partners.