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Why doesn’t IFG invest directly in SMEs?

This was a deliberate choice, as the use of a fund-in-fund construction attracts capital and knowledge from the market. Research has shown that this greatly increases the chance of success. An exception is Acquisitiefonds Groningen (AFG). All financial resources in this fund come from the IFG fund budget. AFG only invests in new SMEs that set up a business in the province of Groningen. An important aspect in addition to the financial-economic feasibility of the proposition is the social return, such as creation of jobs, reinforcement of the eco-structure and synergy in the chain with Groningen companies. AFG’s first participating interest is the Proton Therapy Centre Groningen, where the first cancer patients will be receiving proton therapy starting in Q1 of 2018. This is not only a major addition to the UMCG’s oncology services, but also the first facility of its kind in the Netherlands. This investments creates over 60 direct jobs.