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Dropper is the new ‘marketplace for urban logistics’. This startup allows couriers from different organisations to pick up and deliver packages for each other. Doing things this way means people can work more efficiently, saving money. A pizza courier might be on their way to deliver some flowers next. A shoe shop can deliver shoes directly to customers, without having to send the package to a distribution centre first. Dropper is the brainchild of Jantine Doornbos, who also founded the FoodDrop delivery service. She is using that knowledge and experience to build the ‘logistical marketplace’ in Groningen. Making the final leg of the transport chain – the last-mile delivery – more efficient relieves the burden for many people.

The idea is simple: a smart algorithm that maps out the logistical flows in a city to deliver sizeable cost savings. This makes it interesting for businesses to use. After all, the last few miles of the chain now make up almost half of the total transport costs for a product. Dropper reduces this significantly, making it interesting for businesses to use. It also makes urban distribution a lot greener, as far fewer delivery vans and couriers from different companies have to visit the same addresses. Although an innovation from Groningen, Dropper is also planning a roll-out in other cities, beginning in the Netherlands.

Dropper belongs to the fund:

G-Force Capital">

The fund is always looking for emerging companies and start-ups with a well thought-out IT proposition who wish to locate or are located in the province of Groningen and who need (pre) seed capital.


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