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Hercules Pharmaceuticals B.V.

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Hercules is a biopharmaceutical company developing an innovative, oral, non-toxic drug therapy for chronic treatment of patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and other solid tumors.

We have demonstrated that blocking the Aryl hydrocarbon Receptor in solid tumors could:

  • Enhance the response of the immune system to cancer
  • Reduce the chance of future relapses by reducing the number of Cancer Stem Cells
  • Reduce metastatic behavior
  • Make cancer cells more sensitive to standard chemotherapy

Hercules have discovered novel anti-cancer drugs that block the Aryl Hydrocarbon receptor and is now testing these products in preparation for clinical trials.

Apart from breast cancer, Hercules’ approach has potential as treatment of other agressive solid tumors that highly express AhR, like glioblastoma, colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Hercules Pharmaceuticals B.V. belongs to the fund:

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